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    HDR file structure suggestions


      I'm strictly an amateur photographer and have been taking digital photos since 2012; started using Lightroom in June 2015.  This week I tried HDR photography for the first time, and I'm wondering what tips people might have for a good file structure for storing HDR-related files?  I don't intend to make HDR a primary part of my work, but will use it on occasion as I feel the need, and hope to start off one step ahead of the game by having a workable file structure for these files.

      Right now, the file structure I prefer (and am using) is:


      Top-level folders

      > 2015 (final JPGs of photos taken in 2015 after editing)

      > 2014 (final JPGs of photos taken in 2014 after editing)

      > 2013 (etc.)

      > RAW


      Second-level folders under the RAW folder

      > RAW > 2015 (raw NEFs used for 2015 photos)

      > RAW > 2014 (raw NEFs used for 2014 photos)

      > RAW > 2013 (etc.)


      So I'm wondering what advice people have, now that I might try HDR from time to time, for organizing the original RAW *.NEF files used for HDR purposes and also the *-HDR.dng files created by Lightroom as part of the HDR merge process.


      Thanks for any advice.