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    CF SSH custom tag?

      I've been scouring the web and newsgroups in search of a Coldfusion tag/component that would make it easy to use an open source, java-based SSH client with CFMX 7.0. Specifically, I need to be able to:

      1. Connect to a MikroTik router (running their RouterOS v 2.9.10) via SSH using standard username/password authentication (preshared key authentication is not supported).

      2. Submit a command line instruction to execute a script or batch file stored on the router.

      I've tried using CFEXECUTE with Plink.exe (PuTTY's command-line utility) without success.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

      Steve Edwards
      Dad O'Twins
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          I have the same issue. Did you ever find a way to do this? Any help you cna offer is greatly appreciated.
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            Webdaddy Level 1
            To my surprise, I've still not found an acceptable CF-based solution. Plink would work if it didn't require a manual "yes/no" response when it asks if you'd like to save the key of an unknown host to your registry. While it is possible (but highly discouraged) to do this with some of the Java-based SSH clients I've seen, I've had no success getting them installed, much less working, properly on CFMX 7.0.