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    sarav19836725 Level 1

      I am looking for a program that will allow me to do the following


      1) have a three way video conference.

      2) the participants cannot know each others names

      3) I can be on a computer but the participants will be on cell phones

      4) after the conference the participants cannot connect with each other


      I am hoping that adobe conferencing will be the  platform for my needs

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          Sally Cox ACP Level 3

          Let me address your points one at a time:

          1) No way I know of to use three webcams at once but there may be a third-party product for that

          2) You hide the Attendee Pod and then no one can see their names

          3) There is a mobile app for Adobe Connect. Available for iOS and Android, not sure about Windows phones. Most basic functions can be used with the app, like chatting

          4) No one will be able to contact each other because their identities can be hidden to each other

          Hope this helps!

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            A little more information to help:


            1) Adobe Connect will support a web cam for all users to be displayed at the same time, assuming permissions are given to broadcast live video. So if you wanted 3 live videos at the same time, that shouldn't be an issue.

            2) Yes, you can hide the Attendee list or leave it in the Presenter Only Area, where users at the Participant level won't see it.

            3) Sally is correct, just use the mobile app for the appropriate device. The biggest challenge you will face with mobile users is bandwidth available to stream live video. You may end up with poor quality video from mobile users who aren't on a decent wi-fi connection.

            4) You can use the End Meeting function in the Meeting menu to remove all users from the meeting. This will eliminate the ability to chat or linger in the Connect room.