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    Right eyebrow of character does not move

    Philipp Sladek


      I designed a replica of the Fallout Shelter Boy in the Adobe Photoshop App in order to animate it with the Adobe Character Animator. I succeeded in drawing it and transfering it to the Animator. There I noticed, that the right eybrow of the character does not move ( the left one does...). I have checked if I made a mistake in naming the layers in Photoshop but I could not find one. Now I firmly ask you all for your support and I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


      Philipp Sladek

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Hi Philipp... There might be some stray pixels for the Right Eyebrow that might be causing the size of the eyebrow to be larger than expected. In the Puppet panel, click the Right Eyebrow puppet layer to see if its bounding box matches the artwork. If it's larger than expected, see if you can clean up stray pixels in Photoshop. What I usually do is Cmd/Ctrl-click the layer to show the marquee around the artwork, invert the selection, then press Delete. If that still doesn't solve the problem, can you send us a shared link to the artwork file so that we can diagnose what might be going on? You can send the link via direct message if you don't want it to appear publicly here in the forum. Thanks.