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    Exposure different in Library and Develop Modules


      I'm new to lightroom but have spent a lot of time playing with Lr and Googling trying to solve this one


      I have only ever tried Lr2015cc and am currently on latest version 2015.2.1

      Issue has existed with original downloaded version- 1st installed in Aug 2015

      Camera Nikon D750


      When exporting to a JPEG the image has the same appearance as the rendering in Library Module - compared using external viewer for the exported file

      This creates problems as the Develop module is where one can make the most development adjustments

      In general the Library module is overexposed and excessively yellow compared to the Develop Module

      The issue occurs with both JPEGs and NEF(Raw) files and is not unique to files from one camera

      Other users I have spoken to have not reported a visible difference bewteen the 2 modules ? older version of software though

      I am aware that I am looking at preview images when using RAW files


      It is very hard to develop the photos when what you see is not what you get on export

      While I will hardware calibrate my monitor soon this is clearly not a fix for this issue as I am making the comparisons on the same monitor

      I can only assume this is a recent bug as there is no clear reason to have 2 different renderings of the image

      Has anyone else solved the issue ? Is there  setting I have missed? Is there a fix?