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    Sync Flickr photostream with an exported lightroom catalogue on a different machine

    Dave Eagle

      Hi all, I have updated Flickr from my MacBookPro, and on returning home, exported the catalogue and imported that to my iMac, so far so good.

      However, none of the Flickr details came across, so essentially the only place I can associate a specific picture with its Flickr photostream copy is in the catalogue on my MBP.


      What I would like to be able to do, is to build up the catalogue on my MBP, update Flickr from the MBP, then export the catalogue and reimport to my iMac and have  the catalogue and Flickr recognise the connection between the pictures but on the new machine. In this way any views/favourites/links would continue to function, and any updates would be mnaged back to the correct Flickr images/photostreams.


      I am using the standard Lightroom Flickr uploader on both machines.


      All help VERY much appreciated.