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    Lightroom CC 2015 - quit on opening


      I use Lightroom CC 2015 and have been working fine even after I updated my OS to El Capitan recently. Today, on opening the Adobe App, I got the notice that updates are available for LR and PS. So i updated. After that, when I launched LR, it quits immediately and shows a window showing the problem details and system configuration. I sent a report to Apple. Upon continuing, there was an Adobe window asking if I want to send a crash report. I sent a report to Adobe as well.

      After that, I uninstalled LR, shut down the computer, and reinstalled. This didn't help either.

      Then I searched the Adobe support, I read about two solutions. One is to sign out of Adobe CC App, sign back in, and relaunch LR. It didn't work. The second solution is to change the names of two folders from SLCache to SLCacheold, and SLStore to SLStoreold. Then relaunch. This didn't work either.

      Is there anyone who can help?