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    Custom Embeded Fonts

    NineCooL Level 1
      hi guys,
      I was wondering if CF is capable of loading external fonts, into it's process.
      simply what I am trying to do is create dynamic images which have text with custom fonts styles.
      is this possible with CF..?

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          Level 7
          there are several options that i know (all on win-based systems), but
          they all include changing settings in cf administrator - so if you are
          on a shared hosting you are out of luck...

          1) install the fonts as usual in windows (Control Panel -> Fonts), and
          after cf server restart it will pick up the new fonts

          2) put the font files in some CF-accessible folder and specify that
          folder as additional fonts directory in CF Admin (under Server Settings
          -> Font Management -> Register New Font(s) with ColdFusion [browser to a
          font file or fonts folder])

          you may be able to utilise Java font (or are they string?) objects/utils
          to utilise an arbitrary font - but that is beyond my expertise...


          Azadi Saryev
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            NineCooL Level 1
            Thanx Azadi
            Unfortunately my server is linux. But thanx, you opened a new door with the additional font folder thing.

            I have reached up to the point using the system fonts. but what i am trying to do is be platform Independent.

            thanx again.