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    Issues with borderless prints resizing



      I have a problem with printing photo packages in both lightroom  and photoshop, current CC versions (and older previously). Running on Windows 10 but also experienced previously on 7 pro.

      Both programmes allow for multiple photos to be layed out on a template and then printed on a single sheet. Sometimes they only just fit, say 2 prints 4 inches wide in the width of an A4 (8.5 in) so I print right up to the edge. However the pictures seem to be  resized and I end up with the pictures being clipped.

      I know that for borderless it always prints a few millimetres over the edge to ensure the print goes right to the edge (e.g. 216mm wide for an A4 210mm wide paper), but this is excessive. Its like the programme resizes A4 to fit A4 borderless and then the driver upsizes it again so that instead of a few millimetres I'm losing about 10mm.


      The problem does not seem to occur in other packages, eg. Picassa


      The printer is an HP 8750 which is an A3 borderless inkjet.

      The page size in Adobe is set to A4 borderless

      The page size is set to a4 borderless in printer properties

      The check box for borderless printing is set

      There is check box for autoresize, tried it check and unchecked.


      I guess its a settings issue but I cant find which one to change, anybody got any ideas?