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    Reset Quiz attempt for learner

      We have a quiz in a course that midway through which is set to allow 3 attempts. We were testing this course with a test account. We used up the 3 attempts and now we can't continue with the course. Can we reset the # of attempts just for this 1 user. What happens to the reports if we re-publish the course?
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          Hi Damon,
          We experience the same thing with our presentations where we would LIKE to allow only one attempt at correct answer - if the user happens to hit page-down on the quiz page (or page-up) the system assumes they put the wrong answer and won't allow movement after that - the user is stuck on that page. I've entered this problem as a topic in the forum previously, with no response. At this point we assume it's a bug in the software, unfortunately we have to allow multiple attempts at quizes (not a very good assessment of the user's knowledge) to avoid this bug. I wish there was a way to go in a reset a user's session to beginning of the course/presentaiton.
          Anyone from Adobe have any input??
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            Althought not a solution you can check the number of attempts and the results of each attempt in the back end of breeze.