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    Radial filters: copy/paste settings change location and size (sometimes)

    pauledney Level 1



      With the latest Lightroom CC (on Mac), I noticed that when I sync settings between images, the radial filters don't always get applied correctly. Everything else works fine (brushes, adjustments, ...), except for radial filters that are not fully inside the image boundaries. If such a filter encroaches on an edge, then Lightroom pastes it somewhere else and changes the dimensions of the filter, but not its effect/settings. So, I reposition and resize each such filter manually. Not a big deal for me, but it could get tedious for other users syncing over many files.


      Note that if the filter is fully contained inside the image boundaries, then it copy/pastes just fine.


      Anyone else seeing this behavior?






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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Paul,


          Greetings !!!

          Are all the images of the same size ?

          Does that used to happen with the previous version as well?

          If you can please share the screenshots that will be a great help.




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            pauledney Level 1

            Good morning Jitendra,


            Indeed, the panoramas are slightly different in size (9430x6400 +/- 10 pixels), even though they were generated from the same source files. The difference between the files is that in one case, I adjusted the raw files prior to merging them to the DNG panorama, whereas in the other case, I merged first, then adjusted.


            All other circles and brushes appear in the same place.


            I don't recall it happening in prior versions, but I'm not positive.


            Here's are some screenshots.


            Brushes original/copied:

            Brushes copied.png


            Brushes pasted (no changes that I can tell):

            Brushes pasted.png


            Radial copied (note the 3 filters placed at the top of the image):

            Radial copied.png


            Radial pasted (toggle back and forth to see that only the top 3 pins moved; furthermore, those 3 pins appear to have moved straight down; the filters were also resized, but their settings are unchanged):

            Radial pasted.png


            I hope this helps,