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    How to access pdf from cloud on iPad when says "document path is not valid"



      I am wanting to access PDFs from my Windows PC, my iPhone, and my IPad, that I am reading and hi-lighting for use in grad school. I am able to save them to the Adobe document cloud from my computer and can access them on my iPhone, but any documents I try to access on my IPad that are located on the cloud receive a message of: "the document path is not valid."  If I save a document to my adobe reader on my IPad from an email or a website directly from my IPad, I am able to open it; this only affects documents on the cloud. The files all say they have varying file sizes (I.e.-207KB, 166KB, etc. and do NOT say 0 KB, so I know the document is not a blank document). Any suggestions would be great. Also, the settings within the app are the same for my IPhone and my IPad, so I find it confusing that I can access them on my IPhone but not my IPad. Both are using the same IOS software. (IOS 9.0.2).