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    Lightroom 6, can't move images, can't drag folders.

    Bernd Angerer Level 1

      Hello All


      I just upgraded from LR4 to LR6 and find a few strange issues with it, mostly:

      I used to move images into folders within LR, but in this version I can't seem to find the trick to do that.


      I imported images from a card, converted them to DNGs and now want to move them to a different folder.

      LR creates a folder. fine

      I can't drag the images to that folder.

      I also can't find a different command (like 'move that to there') anywhere.


      different scenario:

      I also can't drag folders into other folders as I used to be able to.


      I am working on a MacBook Pro, and I am the superuser. So I don't think there are permission issues.


      any help appreciated