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    can't zoom on import or re-import files


      CC2015 updates current. Windows 10 64 bit.  Since a couple of updates ago, the new Import routine has now way to zoom into a file, before importing.  This is a very valuable feature, as I like to zoom in and check focus before deciding to import the file.  Now I have to import, and zoom after the fact, then remove file if unhappy with it. I remember the old routine use to allow zooming.  Also, there isn't a way to re-import  a file, unless I delete the file first.

      There may be different methods to do the above that was not documented or I missed?   Any insight would be appreciated. 

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi sfleditor,


          There are lot other user's who are facing issues with the newer version of Lightroom.

          So I would suggest you to Rool back to 2015.1.1 : Instructions to roll back to a prior update version

          And the Team are working on the priority to fix the import window : http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2015/10/lightroom-6-2-release-update-and-apology.h tml




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            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Why not import all, use the better evaluation tools in Library, and then delete?


            But the next update will bring back the zoom feature.

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              sfleditor Level 1

              Having retired from 40 years in the software industry, I realize that occasionally even the best companies will release an unacceptable version.  However these features that were removed are, as was expressed by many in the blog, are used by professionals and serious photographers. There are enough good features in the other modules of the product, which does not warrant a rollback for me for the import inconvenience.  I would hope the development manager(s) would look to this as a high priority for customer satisfaction purposes.  Not sure if there is a list one can be on for RFC (Request for Comments) from development when major changes are being considered, but if so, would like to be added to it.  Also you didn't quite answer the question, which in a way is kind of a cop-out to tell a customer to roll back, rather than a anticipated date of a fix. Reminds me of the early days, when a computer company's standard answer was... "Format, Reinstall" 

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                sfleditor Level 1

                Well seems I found my own answer for the zoom issue. After trying a few standard commands, seems the using the CTRL key and the Scroll on the mouse you can zoom in and out photo during import review.  This is on Windows, not sure about MAC.  Although you can't pan when zoomed in. Just up and down with the scoll.

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                  sfleditor Level 1

                  Hi John, yes, of course, but sometimes I wait till I have hundreds of shots to import if I'm away from computer for extended period, and I import into folders and collections via subject. So sure I could import them all into a holding folder, the organize from there and move and delete files as I go, but I'd rather do this during the import process as I may for example, import all wildlife photos, by category, i/e birds, marine life, etc, them may have a number of other subjects to import as a group after evaluation.  Not that your suggestion doesn't make sense, but seems provides extra steps in my personal workflow.    Thanks for replying and the suggestion, John