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    Aperture to Lightroom and Aperture previews


      Hi all,


      I am switching from Aperture to Lightroom and used the integrated plugin to import my Aperture library. I imported all raw files and the Aperture generated full-size preview photos with all processed effects. After some hours all around 11000 photos imported fine and also the project and album structure was converted to Lightroom with new collections. The Aperture structure was created in a collection named like "from Aperture" (i have a german version and don´t know how it is called in the english counterpart) in a sub collection named "Projects". But in this collection Lightroom organized only the raw files and unfortunately the processed preview jpeg files are missing. There is is another sub collection named like "photos processed in Aperture" and in this big and flat collection with around 18000 photos I have all raws behind its associated jpeg previews and I am able to stack the raw with its matching jpeg. Now my only wish is, having the raw and matching jpeg files stacked in the old Aperture structure. Does anybody know, how I can transfer all the jpeg files to its matching raw files in the structured "from Aperture" collection?


      By the way, the raw files are called like IMG_3142_24916.CR2 and the matching preview file is called IMG_3142_Aperture_preview.jpg, where IMG_3142 is the original file name and the 24916 is a number generated by Lightroom.


      Hope anybody can help,