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    problems rendering jpeg image sequence




      I imported a collection of JPEG images into Ae as a JPEG image sequence (they are frames of a movie). When I try to render the composition in which this JPEG is placed (h264, quality 100%, 29797kbps), a number of frames are exported into a mov. file, but then it stops, and a next file to be rendered is added to the render queue. The output name of this new file is then the same as the previous file, but has "_1" or "_2" added. If I render this new file, it again stops after a few frames.


      With other compositions I don't have problems when rendering them.


      Any idea what goes wrong here?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How are you rendering your h.264? You should not be using the Render Cue, you should be using the Adobe Media Encoder. You should definitely not be using Quicktime h.264 because it was never any good and is not supported by Apple anymore. It's a dead container/codec combination.


          Last question, is your AE up to date and does your system match the AE version system requirements? If not, make them match up.