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    Full quality preview/exported file is not consistent animations/preview.




      I always work with my project previewing at quarter resolution so things are fastest. However, I have just finished a project and the exported video is different from the preview - one of my titles offsets very randomly for a couple of seconds. I have checked the animations of every layer in the project and there is nothing that could be offsetting the title. At a complete loss of what to do. At a quarter resolution it looks fine - but when viewed at full res the same offset happens. 


      Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? I have inserted two screenshots, both on the same frame, but the first is at full res and the second at one quarter.

      Screenshot (82).png

      Screenshot (83).png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I appreciate the screenshots but they give no information about the comp or the settings of the layer in question. The firs thing I would suspect is that there is something going on with your cache. I suggest that you purge everything before you try another render.


          Also, I think you'll find it more efficient if you set your comp resolution to auto so when you view at 50% you have half resolution. This makes every pixel on the screen visible. If you want to check at 100% then set the composition panel's zoom factor to 100%. It's just a better way to work. If purging all caches and setting the comp panel's resolution to auto doesn't fix the problem then please describe your workflow in detail and let us know what you have done to the layer that is giving you problems by selecting the layer and pressing the U key twice to reveal all modified properties.


          I would also throw out a word of caution. The thin white lines against the black solid are not going to compress well with any codec that uses any kind of compression. H.264 won't like that contrast at all. I'd do a little work on the design's colors and maybe line thickness to make the image more compatible with video compression.