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    Can I stop one of my Macs from automatically syncing LR Mobile?


      I use two Macs.  I use the more powerful Mac to do most of my editing but I have a smaller Macbook Air I use when I travel or am doing less process-intensive tasks in front of the TV (e.g., reviewing and tagging.)  I keep my LR photos and catalog on an external drive and swap it back and forth between the two computers.  I have LR CC on both Macs.  I want to keep LR Mobile synced with my "processing" Mac, but my Macbook Air always automatically tries to sync as well and it seems it wants to resync ALL of the photos I have tagged for LR Mobile.  I pause the syncing whenever I notice it starting up on the Macbook Air but I would like to find a way to turn it off permanently on that computer only.  I can't find any way to do that.  Can anyone help with this or propose a solution?