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    vertical line

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      When I work in AE and Premiere Pro and drive the mouse over the timeline there come a lot of vertical line (See the PDF file) After I have make it to a mp4 file  (1920-1080) and when I see it on my PC there are no line. I use a GeForce GTX 660 and it is update to the latest driver from NVIDIA. My PC: Intel (R) core (TM) i7 cpu 930 @ 2.8 GHZ 12 GB Ram. I have also treid to import the vidio film I have make - mp4-into a other program. there was no problem wih the vertical lines in AE an Premiere PRO. I hope someone can help me so I can get of with the vertical line.in the furture!!!! Thanks..









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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try dragging full resolution screenshots to the reply panel in this forum. The images you posted are so small that I can't see very much. If you are referring to the black lines in the timeline view this was an issue on some systems and I believe it was fixed with the latest AE updates. It may also have something to do with your graphics drivers. Both my systems are up to date with CS6 - CC 2015 and I'm running OS X 10.11 and the Nvidia drivers are up to date on the MacBook Pro R that has the NVIDIA card. I have none of these problems.


          If you are having other issues with the composition or with Premiere then please describe the problem and the workflow in detail. While the vertical lines in the timeline are annoying there is no reason to expect these display anomalies to show up in the rendered video.

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            Fejl.jpgThanks for you e mail. I ´m menber of Creative Cloud and AE and Premiere Pro is CC 2015 and when I start them is it from Creative Cloud Apps. They are the newest and have the newest update. I have also write with NVIDIA and my grafik card have the newest driver and yesterday get I a Hotfix driver 358.59 from them, but it help me not. I have install Windows 10 when it be free, Before I have windows 7 Ultimate and I use 64 bit. The line come´s when I work in them, edit, and put some clip in and when I drive the mouse (in the timeline) from one clip to another one come the linedrive the mouse. I hope you can use the information  to solve the problem. I have made the video in mp4 format 1920-1080 - and when I see it on my screen SAMSUNG SMS27B750V - is the video quietly and safely and without vertical lines, a real  nice picture. it seems that there are only problems when the movie will be created and edited in AE and Premiere Pro.




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              To Rick.
              I don't know how far you've come with to resolve the issue. I had installed a new operating system. I have removed it now and have installed the operating system I had before. I've tried running AE and Premiere PRO – the lines are disappear. Whether it is the operating system that had made some unfortunate things I don't know, or if it's my machine is too old for the new software must be unsaid. Thank you and maybe you can it here to help others. I have use Microsoft translate. Thanks for you help!!