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    Tethering: No Camera Detected (several Nikons)


      I can't connect to my D70, D90, or D3200 no matter what I try. I have tried different USB cables, blank memory card, no memory card, any mode on camera, any port on laptop, start camera first, start lightroom first, reboot, turn the camera off and on again, PTP mode and storage mode on the D70, I've even tried different lenses because I couldn't think of anything else to change.  Is tethering to Nikon still supported in Lightroom CC? Is there a Apple setting that's interfering? I ask the Apple question because at first, Apple's "Photos" app kept starting up when I turned the camera on or plugged it in, but I unchecked the box at the top of that program for each camera.


      I really thought this would be dead simple. But after a couple hours of trying every combination I can think of, I'm wondering if it maybe it's to a supported feature anymore?