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    Unable to open Lightroom program


      When I try to open Lightroom 5 my computer tells me it's already open on another application. I don't know where this is. any ideas?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi memphis




          With Lr closed go to the location where your catalog resides(By default it is Pictures/Lightroom)

          Delete the .Lock file with the same name as your catalog.For instance in the Picture below it is Lightroom4 catalog.lrat.lock

          Image result for .lock file lightroom catalog

          In your case it will be Lightroom5catalog.lrcat.lock

          ( ***Do not delete .lrcat file which does't have the .lock extention)

          Restart Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps


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            Memphis3605 Level 1

            I could not find exactly the Lightroom catalog icons you showed in the above message...I had already gone to Pictures/Lightroom and clicked on delete previously so it showed no files...I clicked on delete again and that removed Lightroom from the Pictures catalog...and I am now able to open my lightroom program...I have to import all of my photos again...but that is ok...I am just so relieved to be able to open the program. Do you know how this happened? Thank you so much.