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    External editors will not start in Lightroom 5.7


      Within the last couple of months or so (since the last time I used my Nik applications), Lightroom no longer starts up any of my external editors -- it won't start Elements or any of my Nik applications.  I've reinstalled my graphics driver.  I've reinstalled Nik. I've rebooted my machine.  I've used Edit->Preferences to ensure that the external editors are pointing at the correct locations.  I can execute the Nik applications by hand.  I can start Nik from Photoshop.  Is there something I can do here, short of reinstalling Lightroom?  Any thoughts here?


      edited to add:  I should state that Photo->Edit In-><external application> is not greyed out.  I can select any of the applications listed under "Edit In".  The issue is that none of the applications actually start.


      edited to add: This seems to be file specific, actually. Some recent, but older, files -- say about 1-2 months old -- have no problems opening in the external editor.  Newer files, however, will not.