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    Completely lost - Anything works the way it's supposed to!

      I'm new at Flex and I'm going crazy. Don't know where's the problem...things doesn't work as they are supposed to work (for ex. When addChild works with Sprites but doesn't work with UIComponent.... it turns out that I can use addChild with UIComponents but not with Sprites). I mean...even examples on the reference doesn't seem to work! I'm a newbee at Flex, but not at programming....! Anyone has the same problem? Maybe the reference is not accurate? Have no clue...
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          If you are new to Flex and would like to gain a good overall understanding of the various areas of Flex that are important, and of programming in ActionScript, read this help topic in the FlexBuilder 3 help sys, and all its sub-topics:

          Adobe Flex 3 Help

          Spend about 2 hours a day, compile all the sample programs, and try to figure out why they doun't work, or ask questions here, referring to the exact help topic.

          Doing this will take several weeks, but you will have a great foundation, better than many out there. I went through 3/5 of the FB2.0.1 help sys TWICE and got Flex 2 certified.
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            Ansury Level 3
            Usually the various examples around work fine, the main complaint people have I think is that it doesn't show how to handle some unusual case. Like anything, Flex has a bit of a learning and experience curve. It's easier than many languages but yeah it'll take a few weeks to get up to speed.

            Alot of times I think devs tend to make things harder than they need to - i.e. they try using some roundabout way to do something that, had they only known about an alternative, could have been solved much more easily. That's where experience and especially experience looking at other examples comes into play. The forums are a good source for alternative solutions, though.