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    Is there a way for my custom calculation script output to include dot points or numbering?

    tbrookes1980 Level 1

      I have the below script developed:



      var contact = this.getField("Contact").valueAsString; 

      var Area = this.getField("Area").valueAsString; 

      var Form = this.getField("Form").valueAsString;

      var type = this.getField("Type").valueAsString;


      if (contact=="Yes" && Area=="Yes" && Form=="Yes" && type=="FORM 25") event.value = "1. Click here to find the Request form 2. Complete the form and take it to your nearest Supervising Centre for confirmation 3. Report the notation to your Immediate Supervisor/Manager and on the System 4. Contact us on xxx if you are unsure"; 


      // etc. 


      but what I would like to be able to do is have the output displayed neatly by numbering each statement.



      1.  If your PPC was contaminated, follow the process for bagging and tagging

      2.  Discuss the circumstances surrounding the potential exposure with your immediated Manager/Supervisor

      3.  If determination is still unable to be made, contact your District Officer for guidance

      4. Click here for more information about how blood and bodily fluid diseases are transmitted


      Can you provide any advice on how I can achieve this?


      Thanks in advance