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    Can my custom calculation script output hyperlink?

    tbrookes1980 Level 1

      I have developed a custom calculation script but I want the output " Click here to find the Referral Form" to be a hyperlink. Is this possible?


      var contact = this.getField("Contact").valueAsString;

      var Area = this.getField("Area").valueAsString;

      var Form = this.getField("Form").valueAsString;

      var type = this.getField("Type").valueAsString;


      if (contact=="Yes" && Area=="Yes" && Form=="Yes" && type=="FORM 25") event.value = "1. Click here to find the Request form 2. Complete the form and take it to your nearest Supervising Centre for confirmation 3. Report the notation to your Immediate Supervisor/Manager and on the System 4. Contact us on xxx if you are unsure";


      // etc.



      Thanks for your help in advance