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    AE error: Invalid Image Buffer Size


      Greetings! I'm a noob and super-tech language might fly over my head.

      I bought an AE template, and using the [0] render, it renders pretty good - about 60% through - until this error occurs:

      Invalid image buffer size (223x0). (37::102)


      It's a slide show with still frames, so shouldn't be too hard on the RAM. Even still, I brought all the image sizes down to about 2200x1466 to ease things up on the machine. Here's the template:



      I also googled on this problem, and finding a piece of advice, I increased available RAM in preferences to 13GB. Not a fix, though.


      Here are my box specs:

      16 GB RAM

      256GB SSD drive with OS8.1 and program file

      1TB 7200RPM data drive

      Quad-Core i7


      Glad and thankful for any help here. Also, I considered the possibility of just doing the export/render, viewing it, and then doing fixes. But the Render Queue time is an enormous 4 hours 17 minutes.


      Thanks again!