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    Dynamic Link Buttons & xml file

    Whitetimer Level 1
      Hi All

      I'm calling an external XML File with a structure of ;

      <paper id="1">
      <name>Net Paper One</name>

      which i'm calling using

      <mx:HTTPService id="myNetPapers" url="xml/newearthpapers.xml" result="netPapersResultHandler(event)" resultFormat="e4x"/>


      private function netPapersResultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void {
      xmlNetPapers = event.result.paper as XMLList;

      Initially i wanted to use a combobox for the name and display the description in a textbox.

      How can i dynamically disply a Link Button for each name of the xml document and still display the description as normal. The link buttons i want to display horizontally across the top of the page.

      Any suggesttions