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    Edit in PS from LR creating a 'new' folder.


      Ok so I edit a file from Folder 1 under Pictures in PS and then it creates a new directory to the folder within LR.


      It ends up looking like this in Lightroom.


      01/01/2015 - Folder 1 (Contains just edits)

      08/01/2015 - Folder 2 (Contains just edits)

      > Pictures

           01/01/2015 - Folder 1 (Contains original files)

           08/01/2015 - Folder 2 (Contains original files)


      Now when I right click on the photos and go show >show in explorer< it shows the same folder in both instances. The only difference I can see is checking the folder locations the edits are in /mike/, while the originals are in /Mike/ which doesnt make any sense because his username and the folder under his E drive are both Mike (with the capital). Anyone have any idea how to fix this?