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    Font stopped working - working on all other CC apps


      Hi there,


      I use Fireworks daily, and I use a font I bought some years ago called Myriad Pro, there are about 44 variants, like thin, bold etc. It has been working fine for the last 5 years on all adobe apps, then yesterday, it stopped working on Fireworks, but it still works fine in all other CC apps. It still appears in the font list, but the 'sample font'  window which opens shows nothing. If I click the font, nothing happens and the font stays the same. If I select a font which is already Myriad Pro in a saved file, the text just goes blank.


      I have uninstalled the font and reinstalled, again it works in all other apps but still not Fireworks. I have also uninstalled Fireworks twice and reinstalled but the same thing happens. I am not sure what to do. I have hundreds of files saved in Fireworks all using Myriad Pro which I can no longer edit.


      Any ideas?