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    Reading PDF files offline

    Chan4k Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Nice to know everyone of you here...Hope you are doing amazing things everyday..:)


      I have a Wifi tablet, I have PDF books on adobe document cloud. I have turned on "mobile link" too.


      When I am at home and connected to Wifi, I am able to open my books without any problem. It downloads and keep a copy in my tablet.

      But when I am outside, I am not able to open the same file for offline reading.

      I get error message "Error connecting to document cloud, Please check your internet connection", I understand well that I did not have internet connection.


      But I had opened a book when connected to Internet, So it should be available for offline reading as I have turned "mobile link" on, right?

      Or is there any settings, do I need to turn on? Please help me to figure out this guys..!


      Thanks a lot