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    Lightroom 6.2.1 - Disfunctions - Downgrade to previous version

    Daniel (Forum)



      Unfortunately, and despite very good advice ... I've upgraded Lightroom to the 6.2.1 version on my MacBook (OS X Yosemite 10.10.5).


      My pictures are stored on a external hard drive, and I always create dynamic views ("aperçus dynamiques") while importing in LR.


      The first time I tried to work with the external hard drive being disconnected, LR hadn't be able to load the pictures.


      Then I connected the hard drive again, and LR, as I understand, had either to re-create all the links to the original pictures (the sources) ... or lay be had created links to the mobile application ?


      Anyway, it took two days before I can display the pictures in a consistent way. During this time LR indicated it was updating the datas, and the displayed informations were a mix of inconsistent informations (for instance, the displayed picture was not from the selected directory, and the legend was a mix between wrong directory and wrong picture ...).


      It looks to be almost solved ... except that the display on a picture from a directory (Library or Development menu) is very long ... and even doesn't work at all : the pictures of the selected directory are displayed on the bottom of the screen (into the "film"), but the selected directory is not underlined in the navigator, and the displayed picture is from an other directory.


      Thank you to Adobe !!


      Does anybody got the same problems ?


      I would like to downgrade to the previous version : how can I do ?


      The Adobe support indicates how to uninstall a CC application ... (by using the CC menu) .. but nothing about LR6 application (licence).


      And the support by phone is available only for CC applications ... Thank you Adobe ...


      Could anybody help me ?


      Thank you in advance, and forgive my english.