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    'The project appears to be damaged. It cannot be opened.' PE 11


      Hi, I am getting the above error when I try to open a project I saved on Thursday. All the auto saves give the same message. I have not changed anything on the computer since saving it.


      I am using Premiere Elements 11 on a Macbook Pro. This is a work computer and not my own.


      Other projects are opening, saving and auto-saving fine, including an earlier version of this project that contains all the same files - so this suggests it isn't a file causing the issue. Unfortunately the earlier version is before 10 hours of work, so I am keen to fix the current version if at all possible.


      I have tried moving and re-naming the project and the auto saves. It still won't open.


      I have also tried moving some files that I know are in the project to see if it will trigger it to look for them. This also did not work.


      Hope you can help.