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    Operability in OS X El Capitan Means 100% of the code WORKS

    Brian Ross

      Adobe cannot have it both ways. I, and those who have used Fireworks for about two decades now, are not asking you to add new feature set, BUT, if you leave the application in our Creative Cloud suite to use, it MUST BE 100%  OPERABLE.  It is not. The rotate function CMD-T will cause the application to crash, and I know at least I've put in a few dozen reports on it. No fix.  The fonts do not work at all if Spotify is running, and under El Capitan if you pick some of them they cause it to crash.  If you run the app under El Capitan it either crashes on open or it fails on some activity that you're doing inside the app. Pick one, any one. It's kind of random now.  The REASON for this is because the code has not been touched to keep it up to date for at least operability to the program's specifications when development on it was frozen.


      Adobe sells this product online. It sells it by way of the Creative Cloud as part of the package. The rubric of "It isn't supported" is not legal.  If you sell a product, it must work. Again, no need to add feature set, but at least keep the existing feature set working and update any coding to keep it up to the specifications of the latest OS-X running, which currently is El Capitan.


      That's all.  If it is not fixed in 90 days, I will enjoin the other users of Fireworks to sue Adobe in a class action suit for failing to provide working software.


      Either support it or kill it.  As Yoda quipped:  "There is no 'try."  Do or do not."

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi Brian,


          Apologize for the frustration. See System requirements | Adobe Creative Suite 6 for the system requirements for Fireworks CS6. It states that the supported versions are Mac OS X v10.6.8 or v10.7. Adobe Creative Suite 5, CS5.5, and CS6 applications support Mac OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8) when installed on Intel based systems.


          Fireworks CS6 has not been tested to work on later versions than what is stated in system requirements. In my opinion, your best bet would be to use Fireworks CS6 on a supported version, or the version of OS that worked previously. If there is a better answer, I hope that the other users on this forum will be able to provide that here.




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            Brian Ross Level 1

            Nice try, Peran. If you sell the product on Creative Cloud, then it rolls forward with creative cloud, no matter what disclaimer you put out. Unfortunately your legal department wrote that back when Adobe was still selling boxed versions of the Creative Suite, and your legalese has not kept up with Cloud technology. By maintaining it in the Creative Cloud group it now becomes subject to THOSE RULES, which state that the products in the CC application are updated continuously.   SO, either you get the Fireworks code fixed that is part of the suite that I'm paying for monthly, or drop it entirely, but you do not get to have it both ways. If it's under the Creative Cloud, then it needs to be supported on ANY SYSTEM that CC operates on.  This one is a legal issue above your pay grade. You might want to join the people in tech support and forward it up the line. If you do drop it, you owe your users of it for the last 36 months of issues that have been brought about by changes in OS-X that Adobe has not addressed in back-end code cleaning.  It would be one thing if this was a tiny company, but with your billions, surely you can afford a couple of engineers' time to patch the back end to be OS-X compliant and keep your customers using it daily HAPPY.

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              Herbert2001 Level 4

              I agree with Brian. Even aside from the legal side of things to keep selling a product while not updating and supporting it, at the very least it is highly unethical and misleading. It just makes no sense.


              And, as far as I can tell, Fireworks can no longer be purchased through the website as a stand-alone product - so why is it still part of CC when it is inoperable or half-working on El Capitan? It IS misleading.


              Unfortunately, I do not think Adobe's management cares one bit. It is not as if this is setting a precedent - same happened to Freehand, and currently (seemingly) Edge Animate (and other Adobe applications have bitten the dust in a similar fashion).