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    Certificates "fall off" documents



      We use Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader within the company.


      Department A usually has Adobe Reader.

      Department B has Adobe Acrobat DC.


      Department A affixes a certificate signature.

      When Department B receives it, we cannot see the signature.



      When Department B receives the signature docs, and we try to combine them with another doc, the signature disappears from Department A document.


      Any advice on how to make that stop happening?


      Should Department A always sign first, then Print to PDF to flatten the sig?


      ANYTHING you can advice, we will be grateful, we waste SO much time with this.


      THank you,


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          IsakTen-RwIoo2 Level 4

          Case 1. What do you mean by "When Department B receives it, we cannot see the signature"?

          When you open in Dep. B PDF signed in Dep. A do you get Document Message Bar on top of the document windows that says that the document is signed? Can you open the Signature Panel? If not then the document that Dep B received from Dep. A is not signed.

          If there is Signature Panel, expand the signature and click "Go to Signature field". it should take you to where the signature appearance should show up. Are you saying that PDF is signed but there is no signature appearance? Is the signature valid?

          Case 2. You cannot combine signed PDFs. Each signature covers bytes in a byte range (signed content) in the original PDF. When you combine PDFs location of the signed content changes and signature becomes unusable.