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    Possible Fix for the Text Size Issue

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      This posting is not a question, merely a suggestion....... If you have encountered this issue, feel free to ad your opinion.


      There has been an ongoing issue with the adobe dng converter when changing the display text size on a system. What is happening when the standard display resolution of 100% is not used; the bottom of the popup window of the dng converter is cropped out and the command buttons are not available. Not everyone in the world can get by with the 100% rule. A possible fix to the text size issue with the dng converter could be very simple.


      1. Make the popup window of the program adjustable

      2. Enlarge the popup window lengthwise by 30% and leave that 30% blank, when the window is cropped by a different display percentage the command buttons will still be available


      In order to use LR5 with my newer model cameras, I must use the dng converter.


      I purchased the upgrade to LR6 (which included the newer model cameras) but that new and improved version created unwanted issues and a reduced processing speed. WAIT, before you post how to turn this and that off or on to resolve issues, this is not a question post and I HAVE BEEN DOWN THAT ROAD ALREADY.


      Maybe one of the MVP's of this site will have the courage to use their awesome powers to persuade adobe to address this issue with an easy fix.

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          BigMouse Level 1

          A big shout out to the DNG engineering team.


          woooooo hoooooo.


          Thank you for a complete popup window including all of the selector buttons with your DNG 9.4 release.


          Well done!

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            Well it is now February and I am having the same trouble with DNG 9.4 so clearly nothing has been done about this issue.

            DNG is for converting RAW to DNG and clearly most people doing this have high res monitors.

            Changing resolution also does not help.

            Here are 2 screenshots to illustrate the problem

            This is Win 10 on a Dell XPS 9550 with UHD screen.

            Help someone please otherwise I need a magnifying glass to convert




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              BigMouse Level 1

              I see that you are having an issue concerning the size of the popup window. The issue mentioned in my original post was concerning how much of the popup window was visible. In that case, the bottom section was cut off. The area with the command buttons (About DNG Converter... - Extract - Convert - Exit) was not available.


              The resolution of my screen is set to 1920x1080. That resolution works for icon and text sizes, for me anyway. Previously, I was unable to use the command buttons but now all is good.


              Best of luck for you to get resolution to your issue.