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    Content Not Showing Complete

      I am the Breeze administrator for my department, and we have a course that has 12 pieces, each of which is a Captivate movie published as a .swf. We organize each of our courses as a "curriculum" so that we have room for modules inside each course - however, when a student takes this curriculum containing its 12 content pieces, it is completely random whether or not the Breeze server registers each piece as complete after the student completes it.

      What I'd like to do is to be able to link each piece to the next piece (due to filesize/bandwidth restrictions it can't just be one piece) AND have the curriculum register each piece as complete once it is, but I'd settle for the server to recognize each piece as complete when accessed from the curriculum page.

      I'm at wits' end with this, I can't find any rhyme or reason to why Breeze recognizes some pieces as complete and not others when following a common process.

      Any ideas?
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          phatty5 Level 1
          I think this might help. first create a curriculum in Breeze. Then you'll need to create your 12 content pieces into 12 separate courses. then open the curriculum and add the 12th course first. when you add the course to the curriculum it will create a unique link. copy that link. Open the 11th content piece in Captivate and on the last page create a button and in the button tab on success, have it set to open URL or File then in the next field past the link from course 12 inside the curriculum. I am acutally doing this right now for a large curriculum we are creating. Hope this helps. remember if you take the 12th course out of the curriculum to update it you will loos the link and have to start the proces all over again.
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            I can't get Breeze to recognize Breeze Courses as Complete after a user completes them. I'm trying to use the Prerequisite feature to force them to take the courses in a certain order. I wonder if the problem is more widespread than just Captivate content.
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              James the SciTrainer Level 1
              Oh yeah - the curriculum engine in Breeze is really messed up. I've had 3 support cases opened for this and each has come to the conclusion that it's a faulty design. I have to go to the learner's curriculum report and manually adjust the score and completion status.