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    Unknown Index keywords

      II have only one HHK index file in my project and in the project folder. I can see the keywords in it with both Notepad and the RoboHelp index editor pane (pod). I looked in RHkKeyword.apj file also, but I do not see these unknown keyword entries there either.

      When I compile the project however, there are far more index keywords than I see in the pane. These keywords look like I created them as topic keywords somehow. Three of them are like “Copy of Antivirus,” where an entry, Antivirus, already exits. Yet, I can not remove the Copy entry because I can’t find it in the Index editor pane or the file with Notepad. Another keyword showing in the complied Help file, but not the index pane is “Does not show in Outlook,” which is a question on my Troubleshooting page. So this entry certainly looks like a topic style keyword. The RoboHelp Help file is actually helpful on this point (make that twice now!) The question is not bookmarked or otherwise obviously marked as a keyword in the HTML code. How do I edit and/or remove these keywords?