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    Hidden text box and question until previous text box has a value within it.

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      I am attempting to create a form that has required fields in it. I know that Adobe Acrobat does not have a great way of saying "Hey, you need to fill in this part of the form..." so what I wanted to do was put an overlay of a text box on top of the next question so they cannot skip certain criteria within the form. For example, if my first name is John and my last name is Smith I would want the first box(First Name) to be visible and the second box(Last Name) to be hidden until I enter any name such as John, Joe, Chris, Abigail, etc.


      Is there any way that there is that availability to hide a text box over wording until something has a value within the previous question being asked?


      Sorry, I am a newbie to creating forms and would love to get some help on this situation.


      Thank you in advance!