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    LR 6 is not running.


      Have LR 4 and then updated to LR 6. As well I hav updated the higher versions of LR 6. LR 6 is not starting, not original version nor any update. Gave logged out from CC  and logged in again, no success. What can I do?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi mathiasm,


          Which operating system are you using?

          Are you getting any error message or the splash screen of Lightroom?




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            mathiasm17 Level 1

            Hi Mrinmay,


            I am using "windows 7 home premium". I do not get any error messages,

            except one message when installing the system. It was something with

            word, which looks very unlogical for me. If I start LR 6, I can see LR 6

            starting in the task-manager, it is not taking away a lot from the CPU

            and then after some seconds it dissappears simply. That`s it, no message

            nothing. Same picture after updating with a newer version of LR 6.


            Is this info giving you any better picture?


            Thanks for your support


            Mathias Mayr


            Am 2015-10-1g 9 20:51, schrieb Mrinmay Majhi:


            LR 6 IS NOT RUNNING.


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