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    Search Highlight in Merged WebHelp

    Greig at Lands Level 1

      I have created and published a Merged WebHelp Project. I have used the highlight search script as outlined in Method 1 on Peter Grainge's pages. When I search for a term in the default topic and click on the search results list to see the page I get a pop-up error message stating "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site 'drive/startpage.htm'". Nothing drastic happens when I click the message but it is not nice for the users!

      Any thoughts? Does it matter that the search JavaScript is in a folder on the parent project and is called from there?

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          Hi Greig:

          If you are merging WebHelp, every "subproject" should have its own instance of the JavaScript (highlight.js) in the root of the subproject; which means that highlight.js needs to be in the Baggage folder for each subproject.

          I started out with one WebHelp file that is now split up into subjects and Merged. Every subproject has its own highlight.js in Baggage, and it all works in the generated individual projects as well as the whole Merged Webhelp.

          To add highlight.js to each subproject, right-click over the Baggage folder and select New Baggage File, then navigate to a copy of highlight.js to import it into *every* subproject. Save and compile each. That should work.

          Good luck! If this doesn't work, post back :-)

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            Greig at Lands Level 1
            Thanks for your reply Diana. Unfortunately your suggestions didn't work. I still had the same problem on the default topic and have had to remove the highlight JavaScript from it. All other topics seem to be okay.

            Any other thoughts anyone?

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              The error message you are seeing does not look as if it is related to the highlighting issue. It looks more like the structure of the project is not 100% as I had expected Diana's reply to work for you.

              Check again very carefully. Remember the "default" topic in the structure I use is in a child project, not the parent.

              Post back if still stuck.

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                Greig at Lands Level 1

                This discussion has been superseded by the improvements in RoboHelp 8.