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    Why cannot Dreamweaver connect to my remote server - I use ftp.


      I was making changes to my website (I'm a copy and paste type user, without much knowledge ... but enough to get by for what I need).  I use a Mac and I have Dreamweaver CS6.   I successfully uploaded a few pages of changes.  Then I tried to upload the next page and got the message that Dreamweaver could not connect to the server - with a list of possibilities of why I could not.  I have had help from my website host support team and they have been able to login to my ftp.  I could also login by typing in ftp.website in Safari - however Dreamweaver will not connect.  I have gone through all the troubleshooting tips, which were extremely easy to follow and I have updated Dreamweaver.  I still cannot connect.  Has anyone had this issue before.  I would really appreciate some advice.