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    When exporting my photos, lightroom is saving multiple versions of the image to my destination folder




      I have been using lightroom to edit my photos for approximately one year now.  I first noticed the problem a few months ago, but didn't bother to seek a solution until now.  Each time I finish editing a photo, I export it to my destination folder.  My issue is that when I go to the destination folder, I am seeing multiple versions of the photo, even though I am only exporting (saving) one time when I am fully satisfied with the final edited image.  For example, I will see img_2222, img_2222-2, img_2222-3 and so on, sometimes up to 10 versions.  I've also noticed that the images are slightly different with the final image being the image with the largest number suffix (for example, img_2222-10).  I hope I am making sense here...


      As you can imagine, it is frustrating as I end up spending an absurd amount of time deleting the versions that I don't need.  Is there a fix for this?  I searched all the settings and do not even see an option where I can save images every step of my editing process...