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    Notes appearing as HTML code!!??

      I remember seeing a post about this a while ago, and can't find it now.

      Is there a workaround for this yet? I need to ensure the notes in my presentations are readable for those without sound.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          CMicules Level 1
          Nobody else has had this problem?

          To recap, PowerPoint slide notes are also showing all markup tags in the notes when publising up to Breeze presentation.

          If anyone has a workaround for this, please let me know ASAP!

          This is killing me!!
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            wolfeyes Level 1
            I am having the same problem with one of the students' pc's. I've had this happen to another student and I asked them to download Flash Player v. 9 and it worked. This student insists they have the most current v. of Flash and the notes are still not rendering correctly.

            PLEASE HELP! Thanks Camicals for bringing this up!
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              CMicules Level 1
              Tried what you suggested and same thing is happening.
              All the notes are there, but separated by &#+20,
              , and other tags.
              I hope this isn't Adobe's solution to this problem... even if it did work, I'm not willing to go slide-by-slide, cutting and pasting notes back and forth.
              When I started this post, I mentioned that I recall seeing this issue a while ago, along with fixes for the dll-vs-player9 issue, but those posts are now gone.
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                robva65 Level 2

                Just curious...is it possible that your notes variable is set to "true"?

                If you go to the Data folder for a published presentation, there's an XML doc titled "viewer.xml" Within that xml doc, look for the following tag:

                <notes isHTML="false">

                I'm guessing that it's probably already configured as above, but thought I'd send you a quick note just in case. And just for the record, that tag exists for each and EVERY slide in your preso! So although you wouldn' t have to go slide by slide copying/pasting text as you mentioned above, you will need to look at every slide ID in the xml file to make sure that the "isHTML" varialble is set to "false".

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                  CMicules Level 1
                  Hi Rob,

                  Yeah, it is set to "false" for each slide. Within the xml file, the notes do appear as following "During&amp;#x20;this&amp;#x20;tutorial&amp;#x20;... etc, etc...".

                  Editing the xml to remove the <&amp;#x20;> tag does remove it from the presentation, but having to go slide by slide for each xml file I have is going to take a week!!

                  Anybody got any other ideas on this? And thanks for the suggestion Rob!

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                    CMicules Level 1

                    Changing the notes setting to "true" did the trick!

                    So now, is there a way to configure that in Breeze/PowerPoint so that I don't have to find/replace in each subsequent presentation?