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    Installation harms all players on machine

    KEY_NYC Level 1
      Installed Flash9 Alpha, Then Flex2 trial, all video players ceased being able to play DVDs, (powerDVD, Real, Windows). restored computer to before installation and DVDs worked, re-installed Flash9 Alpha, tested DVDs and they worked. installed Flex2 Trial, tested DVDs immediately afterwards and they worked. Next day players stopped working again. restored to date prior to flex, keeping Flash9 Alpha, DVD players work.

      What should I do?
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          leotemp Level 1
          Are all the machines the same spec? Make sure its is Flex and not something else by doing a complete system scan for everything bad(spyware, malware, viruses). I highly doubt Flex is the culprit.

          Also install the full version of Flash9.
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            KEY_NYC Level 1
            Turned out to be the NVidia GEforce Graphics card I had installed, which was necessary to support the also recently installed After Effects, not being compatible with everything else in my system that required graphics, (at least not at the same time). Conflict between NVidia, 3D programs, playing DVDs and all video players was partially resolved by downloading player updates at Dell resources. Now programs work, DVD/video works, NVidia properties manager still buggy.