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    Problems Downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player

    martinhan1979 Level 1

      Recently i created a flash slide show and emailed the .swf file to potential customers, I told them to go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and download flash player to view slide show but when they go to download and install it won't work. They are mainly using windows 8. Is there an easier to advise people to install flash player for when they would not be used to working on computers?

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          Carm01 Level 4

          I have seen so many people with problems with this method Adobe uses to update Flash player; mainly because of their certified bloatware McAfee Security Scan Plus which is rubbish as practically all computers now days have AV, that's the only reason they do this IMO. If you read towards the end of this you will find a better solution, way easier solution.


          Some insight on Flash player versions on the Windows platforms.


          In windows 8.X and Windows10 Internet explorer's flash player is handled by Windows downloads as it is integrated into Windows.


          Google Chrome's Flash player are embedded in Chrome and maintained by Google; Simply uninstalling and re-installing chrome could resolve any tough issues. Google Chrome usually updates automatically. in any version of Windows


          Firefox's Flash player are installed via this site and are NOT automatically updated at this time from Mozilla.


          Edge browser is maintained the same way Internet Explorer's Flash player is handled in Windows 10 by Windows updates.


          So, Just because they are using Windows 8, there are different ways to maintain flash player. Nothing is simple at this time.


          IF you are on Windows 7 then you need to literally manually update two of the 3 versions manually; all 3 if you use Opera as an optional browser


          Windows 8.X and up you need to update only the NPAPI version if the user is using Firefox, Otherwise update chrome, or run Windows updates to update flash player.


          I have a partial solution for anyone, but this will have zero effect on Internet Explorer or Edge on Windows 8.X or Windows 10. ONly for Opera of Firefox

          For Windows 7 it takes care of all of them.

          If you click on my name and then it will open my profile on here, then under personal , click more detail then Use the URL under my URL.


          Hope this information is useful

          Best regards.

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            martinhan1979 Level 1

            Does this allow you to download flash player as a stand alone programme where i email someone my .swf file and they can view it in flash player, not through their browser, where they can view flash slideshow in full screen mode as if a movie almost, totally separate from browser

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              Carm01 Level 4

              I do not know how to play a .swf file to be honest. Whenever I produce videos and create a controller and html page for it, that file is created along with the webpage, however is not playable as far as I can tell.

              .FLV files on the other hand I can play with VLC player perfectly.

              All that my app does is get flash player(s) installed correctly provided the machines are not messed up in some other way. As shown in the below example below, I honestly do not know or care about the .swf file in my case. So how and what you do with it is beyond the support of this forum of installing flash player

              Best regards

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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Hi martinhan1979,

                You can download the Flash Player projector to view SWF files outside of the browser. Flash Player projector download link is posted at Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads.  Please ensure you do not download the content debugger version as this is for content developers to debug their code and will most likely throw errors and alerts which will negatively impact the viewing experience.