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    10/19/2015 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      The latest Flash Player 19 beta builds are now available.  Beta builds can be downloaded from labs.adobe.com.



      New Features for Flash Player 19:


      • New insertAt() and removeAt() Vector and Array APIs

      With Flash Player and AIR 19, we have introduced two new APIs for element insertion or removal in Vector and Arrays. They are implemented to perform better than existing splice method when used for single element.


      • Improved Stage3D Error Messages

      We've added new Stage3D error codes to provide developers with additional debugging and error information.  We have also updated the AS3 documentation for various Stage3D APIs to provide more information about the reasons for the errors thrown.

      • Added ability to disable browser zoom factor scaling via HTML

      In Flash Player 15, we added code to improve the resolution of Stage3D content when the browser's zoom factor (BZF) was changed.  This was extended to the PPAPI and Windows XP/Vista/7 Active X control in Flash Player 18.  In Flash Player 19, we're providing the developer the ability to enabled or disabled this functionality. 


      BZF is turned on by default but can now be turn on/off by setting a new attribute "browserzoom" to either "scale" or "noscale" in HTML EMBEDSWF and OBJECT tags.

      For complete details, please see our Release Notes

      Fixed Issues

      • The value of flash.ui.Multitouch.supportsTouchEvents is not compatible on Win10/8.1 [4055997]
      • MAC: When hardware acceleration is enabled and video size height & width are not divisible by 16,video is cropped on the bottom  [4066011]
      • Win10: Video is paused on clicking outside the browser containing flash [4070614]
      • Multiple Stability and Security Fixes



      Known Issues

      • None



      About the Beta Channel

      Beta Versions of Flash Player are available for automatic installation via our Background Update service.  Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime