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    What is the Coldfusion Query converted to in the DataProvider?

      I am noticing that it is difficult to use Coldfusion Mx queries as results in the webservice except when I use them as a source for the Datagrid. If I try to use them for a single record return and not in a datagrid, I seem to have problems getting to the data returned.

      So this brings my question. If the datagrid dataprovider translation is about to handle the query, then how could I simulate that conversion of the query stream into an array or arrycollection or a xmlcollection that I could use.

      Does anyone know how to do this? Again using Coldfusion Mx 6 not the current 7.

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          JoeADSK Level 1
          I am having the EXACT same problem. I did the art Coldfusion/Flex tutorial and added a master page with the query
          FROM ART

          The datagrid looks like:
          width="100%" height="100%" top="0" left="0" right="0" bottom="0">
          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="ARTNAME" headerText="ARTNAME" />
          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="PRICE" headerText="PRICE" />

          I am not sure what to add for the chart.....
          This doesnt work:

          <mx:ColumnChart id="Chart">
          <mx:ColumnSeries id="C1"


          Any suggestions?
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