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    bug's found in fullscreen mode.

    chrisatflash Level 1
      Hello i have discovered a bug in flash or in iexplorer the fullscreen mode.

      Problem 1: onMouseUp event fails in fullscreen mode (when published in html mode).
      First of all, when i placed a button on the stage to go fullscreen the onMouseUp event will not be triggered.
      I only listens to the onMouseDown event. Fortuneately the event of the button (onRelease) will be triggered so i have found a work around for this. This effect happens when published to an html only. In firfox and IExplorer.

      Problem 2: When using a custom mouse in fullscreen mode, the mouse will go very slow or shocking..
      The second bug has to do with some rendering i think. The strange thing is when you run the swf localy and you are in fullscreen mode the mouse will move smooth. But when i publisch it to html mode and upload this html and look it online, the custom mouse will move very slow and not smooth. In firefox it moves a lot better..

      Has anyone experienced this problem too and find a work around?
      To expierence this problem look at my website : flash website with custom mouse

      I hope someone has a solution.. (i also removed the effects like blur and motion on the custom mouse ..but still the mouse will moves not smooth).