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    Cinema 4D via AE freezes on startup....?

    Full of Eyes Level 1

      Hello all,


      So a big factor in my move to cc was the inclusion of c4d lite. However, today when I created a new c4d file for the first time via AE, I arrived at the c4d screen and was prompted to register my copy....however, none of the buttons worked, everything was "frozen" solid. I force quit and tried again, this time no ask to register, but it still froze at the start up. (that is to say, I can see c4d, but nothing is clickable)


      i uninstalled AE and reinstalled and yet, im having the same issue....everything seems to start fine, but once I get to the c4d user interface, nothing is clickable and the program is totally unresponsive....any ideas?


      Im running Windows 7, AMD Fx 8150 eight core processor (4.15ghz)

      my graphics card is an EVGA GTX 570hd


      any help would be most appreciated, thank you!