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    wbemsvc.dll - Bad image - Error status 0x000012f

    BarrieD Level 1

      I get an error from Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Elements whenever I reboot my computer - I haven't even accessed the programs yet.  The message says "wbemsvc.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error"  I also get the error when I try to start Photoshop Elements 10 editor.  I cannot start Lightroom at all because I get a message about trial software which asks me to sign in but when I try to sign in I get a message which says "Please connect to the Internet and retry".  A while ago I "upgraded?" to Windows 10 which crashed my computer and caused me to lose all my programs.  After getting the Geek Squad to get Windows 10 working I looked up my Serial Numbers on the Adobe Web site, and downloaded new copies of Lightroom 6 and Elements 10 and registered them with those numbers.  I once had a subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop CC but after much difficulty was able to terminate that and I went back to my purchased version of Lightroom.  There does not seem to be any way to contact Adobe about this "trial version" stuff or about the 'bad image'

      It's unlikely that anyone in this form would know how to fix these problems but I'm hoping someone can publish a phone number where I can talk to someone in Adobe that can repair these problems (and might be willing to!).  I like the Lightroom product but I don't want anything to do with this 'Cloud' (which is why I cancelled the subscription).  Adobe insulate themselves from helping with these problems.

      I guess I'm ranting ... but does anyone know how I can get this mess fixed up?

      Thanks. !